Testimony of State Senator Liz Krueger Before the New York City Council Committee on Housing and Buildings “Short Term Rentals — Stimulating the Economy or Destabilizing Neighborhoods?” January 20, 2015

published by Andrew - January 21st, 2015

“My name is Liz Krueger and I represent the 28th Senate District, which includes the East Side and Midtown areas of Manhattan.  I want to thank Chairman Jumaane Williams and the members of the City Council Housing and Buildings Committee for providing me with the opportunity to testify today.

I have been working for a decade to understand and address the exponential growth of residential apartments being illegally converted into short-term transient units for visitors, commonly referred to as “illegal hotels.”  After years of collaboration with a large task force of elected officials, neighborhood organizations, housing advocates, and city agencies, Assemblymember Dick Gottfried and I passed legislation in 2010 clarifying ambiguities in city and state laws that made it difficult for city enforcement agencies to take action against illegal hotels.  Following the enactment of the state law, I continued working closely with the task force to support the subsequent introduction and passage in 2012 of Local Law 45, sponsored by then-Councilmember Gale Brewer, to classify illegal hotel violations as “immediately hazardous” and increase the fines the city can impose.”

Read the rest of Liz’s testimony here.

Liz’s Community Bulletin: December 2014

published by Andrew - December 11th, 2014

Liz’s Community Bulletin is available here! You can download it as a PDF, or view it below. CONTINUE READING

Liz’s Community Bulletin: November 2014

published by Andrew - November 13th, 2014

Liz’s Community Bulletin for November is available here! It can be downloaded as a PDF file from this page, and is viewable below. CONTINUE READING

New York Magazine: The War Over Airbnb Gets Personal

published by Andrew - October 3rd, 2014

New York Magazine’s Jessica Pressler spoke with Sen. Krueger for this long write-up on the fight over illegal hotels and Airbnb. Check it out:

In 2010, Krueger and State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried presented a bill that made it illegal for New Yorkers living in multiple-unit dwellings to sublet their abodes for less than 30 days. The new law didn’t really compromise ­Airbnb’s original vision. People in multiple-unit dwellings could still have Real World–like experiences by hosting people in their apartments, as long as they stayed present. And owners of freestanding brownstones could do as they pleased. “The effort and even most of the work toward the bill were pre-Airbnb even existing,” says Krueger. “And it was not done with any discussions with the hotel industry,” she adds, rolling her eyes, “because I’m constantly accused of ­shilling for the hotel industry.”

Read the full article at New York Magazine’s web site.

Liz in the Daily News: “The evidence is in, so ban fracking”

published by Andrew - September 3rd, 2014

On Monday, the Daily News published an op-ed from Liz on fracking! The conclusion:

New York finds itself at a crossroads. We know that, with the technology and engineering methods currently in use, fracking is inherently dangerous and would result in irreversible harm to New Yorkers; health, our natural resources and our billion-dollar agricultural industry.

Yet the Cuomo administration is still officially reviewing how fracking impacts people’s health.

The state’s highest court recently upheld the rights of cities and towns to ban fracking within their borders. This is a step in the right direction, but pollutants caused by fracking will not conform to municipal boundaries.

As elected officials, it is our job to weigh the facts and science, and then act to protect New Yorkers. It is time for both houses of the state Legislature to pass a bill banning fracking — and for Gov. Cuomo to sign it.

Read the whole op-ed at the Daily News website.