Liz in the Community

Senator Krueger Hosts Unemployment Benefits Forum

On Wednesday, the 19th, Senator Krueger will be hosting an Unemployment Benefits Forum geared towards providing constituents with a clearinghouse of resources that can help them navigate the benefits available for those out of work. Senator Krueger knows that so many people are facing new and scary situations in which they, or their loved ones, are out of work and her goal is to provide as much reprieve as possible. For more information on the Unemployment Benefits forum please click here.

Keeping Central Park Beautiful

Senator Krueger secured a major victory for Central Park and the surrounding Upper East Side community by successfully lobbying against an effort to install four, 35 feet tall tennis bubbles in the park between North Meadow and the Reservoir. Senator Krueger has been fiercely opposed to this plan that, among other things, posed serous environmental concerns for the area and would create an eyes-sore in the otherwise beautiful park. (below this we’d like a link to either a press release or a news story that would be featured in the news section).

Senator Krueger Attends Dog Howl

New York’s Upper East Side pups showed off their best Halloween outfits to Senator Krueger at this year’s Dog Howl at Carl Schurz Park. A known dog-lover, Senator Krueger had a ball seeing all the wonderfully creative outfits worn by local dogs and their owners.