Where: District Office of New York State Senator Liz Krueger
211 E. 43rd Street, Suite 401
New York, NY 10017

Who: Liz Krueger is a Democratic State Senator for the 26th Senate District in Manhattan (East Side and Midtown). Senator Krueger is a reformer who is pro-choice and pro-good government. Her District Office deals with state, city and local government issues, as well as a variety of constituent matters.

Contact: Brad Usher

Email: liz@lizkrueger.com

Telephone: 212-490-9535

Fax: Letter of Interest and/or Resume to: 212-490-2151

Wage/Salary: Unpaid

Day/Hrs: Flexible Hours

Qualifications: No experience necessary. We are looking for high-energy, self-motivated and well-organized individuals.  Good communication/writing skills are helpful, as is an interest in politics and local government issues.

Job Description: Levels of responsibility will vary depending on the commitment of the intern. Assist in the District Office with constituent matters, policy issues, research and special projects. Interact with Government Agencies, advocacy groups and community organizations. Also assist the Senator and district office staff with administrative needs. Opportunities are available to attend community events in the field.


New York: 211 East 43rd Street, Suite 401, New York NY 10017; (P) 212. 490.9535 (F) 212.490.2151

Albany: Capitol 503, Albany NY 12247; (P) 518.455.2297 (F) 518.426.6874

Email: liz@lizkrueger.com

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