27 Jan

Liz Joins The Arts And Business Council of New York to Discuss Nonprofits & Government

Last Friday, the 21st, Senator Liz Krueger joined Assemblymember Deborah Glick and City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer as speakers at the workshop “Working with Government: How Nonprofit Organizations Get Their Voices Heard,” an event hosted by the Arts and Business Council of New York and the Foundation Center.

At the event, the speakers offered suggestions on how to effectively target and educate local elected officials on the importance of arts programs in the community and how to then work with these elected officials to expand these programs.

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26 Jan

Liz Calls for Stop to Regional Regulations That Could Weeken State Laws Against Hydrofracking

Today, Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) sent a letter to the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) requesting they rescind the draft Natural Gas Development Regulations, a proposed set of guidelines for natural gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin.  While an Executive Order currently prohibits all horizontal gas drilling in the State, the actions of the DRBC have raised concerns that regional entities will undercut the strength of State laws even as New York works to set the highest environmental and safety standards.

The letter, which was co-signed by many of Senator Krueger’s colleagues, urges the DRBC to halt all action that would set plans for natural gas drilling into motion until the State’s Environmental Impact Statement is complete and a full cumulative review has been conducted.  The Delaware River Basin, which spans across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, provides New York City with much of its drinking water.

“We are talking about a practice that has raised so many red flags that the New York State Senate, Assembly and eventually the Governor, felt it should be temporarily banned until more research has been done,” said Senator Krueger. “And yet despite the fact that New York does not allow hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale, the DRBC has set into motion a process which would allow this very type of drilling within the river’s basin, a basin that runs through New York. This sets a terrible precedent of establishing standards and regulations before all the facts are in.”

Hydro-fracking is a process of gas drilling by which millions of water mixed with chemicals are blasted into the earth to break up shale rock, releasing natural gas embedded inside the rock. However, the exact make up of the chemical “cocktail” used in the fracking process is not known because drilling companies closely guard these ingredients, claiming that information about specific mixtures needs to be kept secret from competitors. Therefore there is no way of monitoring or tracking which chemicals are seeping into the Earth, and thus into New York’s water supply, because the exact chemicals are unknown.

Senate colleagues who joined Senator Krueger include:

Senator Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn)

Joseph Addabbo (D-Queens)

Tony Avella (D-Queens)

Ruth Hassell-Thompson (D-Westchester)

Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn)

Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx)

Diane Savino (D-Staten Island)

Toby Stavisky (D-Queens)

Daniel Squadron (D-Brooklyn)

Letter to DRBC

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25 Jan

Liz’s Free Events List, February 2011

Tuesday 2/1/11
10:00 AM Health Advocates for Older Adults, 341 East 87th St, 212 980-1700
Movies: Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

12:00 PM Central Park, Inside the Park at Fifth Avenue and 72nd Street, in front of the statue of Samuel F. B. Morse, 212-772-0210
Walking Tour: Cross Park Promenade Tour

12:00 PM NYPL for the Performing Arts 40 Lincoln Center Plaza, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center, Bruno Walter Auditorium ( 212) 642-0142

Music: Dixieland Jazz
3:00 PM Health Advocates for Older Adults, 316 East 88th St. 212-980-1700
Exercise: Tai Chi

CLICK HERE: February 2011 Free Events List

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25 Jan

Glass Ceiling Persists in New York Government

By Rachael Fauss

On Nov. 2, 2010, New Yorkers elected candidates for state government and in doing so, probably unbeknownst to themselves, they reduced the number of female state legislators. Women hold no major leadership posts in the legislature and none of the four statewide offices, although one of New York’s U.S. senators — Kirsten Gillibrand — is a woman.

New York State gave women the right to vote in 1917 — three years before the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was enacted — and has had many leaders for women’s suffrage such as Susan B. Anthony and the organizers of the Seneca Falls Convention. Today, however, New York lags behind other states in terms of the representation of women in government, both in elected and appointed positions.

Experts disagree about what accounts for the glass ceiling in New York politics, although, as with everything else in politics, money seems to be one factor…

…Krueger believes that women’s unique experiences mean that they view issues differently. “Women are living longer and ending up in poverty at the end of their lives more than men, and women disproportionally end up being primary caretakers for children and aging parents,” she said. “The more people that are at the table making decisions that actually come with these diverse personal experiences, the more you will see change in policy and budget decisions about the priorities of the state.”…

Full Article.

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20 Jan

Liz Krueger & Senate Dems Want to Expand Post-Coup Rules

By Liz Benjamin

The new Senate Minority conference is appealing to the GOP majority in hopes of leveling the playing field when it comes to resources and bringing legislation to the floor.

Senators Liz Krueger and Daniel Squadron are proposing a resolution that would give minority members the power to introduce bills even if the majority leader disapproves. It would also require each side have equal staff allocations, resources, and member items.

Krueger touted the rules reform adopted after the 2009 coup, which allowed the then-GOP minority access to more resources.

Of course, now that the Dems are back in the minority, they want those rules to go even further, saying the changes adopted in January and June of 2009 were merely a first step forward.

“What we are hoping to do with this year’s changing rules is to move the ball down the field,” Krueger said using one of many references to football following the New York Jets win over the Patriots Sunday.

“We’re very proud as Democrats to have significantly improve the rules of the Senate over the last two years, but we didn’t go far enough. We know that.”

Republicans are expected to introduce a resolution today that would expand the current rules through Feb. 1. Krueger says she wants the Senate to adopt these new rules now before the budget process begins that same day.

Sen. Krueger and her colleagues were also asked about eliminating member items as a way to ease the state’s estimated $10 billion deficit, which they agreed is a good idea. However, if member items find their way into the budget they say those items should be equal across the board.

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19 Jan

With Housing in Turmoil, Cuomo Offers Few Clues

By Jillian Jonas

In the days leading up to and immediately following Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s inauguration, almost all attention has focused on what Cuomo might do to fix the state’s budget woes and clean up Albany. The governor’s stands on other issues have received far less scrutiny, and that includes his position on the status of the state’s largest affordable housing program — rent regulation.

2011 will be a big year for New York’s tenants, especially for those living in rent- stabilized apartments. On June 15, the state laws governing rent regulations — which primarily affect New York City — will expire unless the legislature and governor successfully broker a deal to renew them. Along with limits on some rents, these regulations give tenants the right to renew their leases and protect them against eviction without legal cause, and ensure services.

Cuomo takes office at a particularly turbulent and risky time for housing in the state as New York suffers the fallout from years of predatory lending and the collapse of the housing market. Although Cuomo once served as U.S. housing secretary and has run a housing nonprofit, he has given little indication of what he might do about this crucial issue. The stakes, though, are undeniably high.

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14 Jan

Liz’s Community Bulletin – January 2011

Message from Liz . . .

A Note About Arizona: We were all shocked and saddened by the violent rampage targeted against a Congresswoman, her staff and other bystanders earlier this month.  Much that is right and wrong has already been written about who, beyond the deranged gunman, bears any level of responsibility for this tragedy.  The one thing that really weighs on my mind is: why does it remain so easy for the wrong people to get guns and munitions in this country? What if the same man in the same situation only had the use of his fists?

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07 Jan

Liz to Host Event Aimed at Helping Arts Community

On January 28th, Senator Krueger will host “Connecting in the Arts,” an event for Performing and Visual Arts Institutions that will explore innovative ways to maximize marketing through branding, social networking and event planning.  A panel of three experts will present cutting edge techniques, tips and case studies that have concrete applications in day-to-day work.

To RSVP please contact Susan Chamlin at or call (212) 490-9535. RSVP is necessary.

Connecting in the Arts Flier

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05 Jan

Message From Liz: Make a Life Changing New Year’s Resolution

During the beginning of the new year, while New Yorkers vow to exercise and eat healthier, save more money and cut down on the amount of reality TV shows watched, I urge all New Yorkers to fill out a Health Care Proxy, a resolution that will bring comfort and clarity to end-of-life decisions.

A Health Care Proxy (or some other form of Advance Directive), enables you to make important decisions about your health care planning, particularly regarding end-of-life care.

If you follow through on just one resolution this year, have it be this one.  It will take less than ten minutes to complete and you can spare your loved ones from making painful decisions about your well being without knowing what you would have preferred.

Although it is a topic many find difficult to contemplate or discuss, planning for a time when you may be physically unable to voice your preferences for healthcare options is necessary.

Plus, the reality is that most people, young and old, do have strong opinions about what type of heathcare they want to receive if something serious and unexpected happens.  So deal with these questions now and voice your opinions, this way you won’t leave your loved ones with heavy burdens on your behalf.

For more information on filling out a Health Care Proxy, please contact my office at (212) 490-9535.

Click here for a Healthcare Proxy.


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04 Jan

Liz Joins Brian Lehrer to Discuss Working With Governor Cuomo & The State Senate

Today, Senator Liz Krueger joined The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC to discuss looking ahead and working with Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Listen to Liz on Brian Lehrer’s morning show, “First Impressions: Cuomo and the State Senate.”

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