Dear Community Members,

Many of my constituents have chosen to hire full time nannies or other domestic workers for their families. Some people are unaware, however, that when they hire domestic workers, they become employers, subject to the same rules and regulations of the Federal and New York State governments as any other employer and business. These regulations can be incredibly complex and are difficult to navigate even for a professional accountant.

Most people who hire domestic workers are honest citizens who want to do right by their employees but simply do not have the time or expertise in labor and tax law to fully understand their obligations. Seeing this as a common issue for my constituents, I have sought to compile all pertinent information related to hiring domestic workers in an easy-to-understand way. I have included information on protecting your employees and yourself, and the recently enacted Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights.

While my staff and I have done our best to ensure the information contained in this guide is accurate and up to date, the laws can change at any time. I recommend you check with the agencies listed in the back of this guide, or other knowledgeable professionals, to ensure that you are complying with all the latest laws and regulations.

Click Here For Senator Liz Krueger’s Guide to Employing a Nanny & Other Full Time Domestic Workers