(New York, NY) – With rent regulation laws that protect over 1 million units of affordable housing in New York City dangerously close to expiring, Senator Liz Krueger and Senate Democrats were joined by City elected officials and advocates to call for the immediate extension and expansion of tenant protections.

Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) said, “For the sake of all New York City residents we must extend and enhance rent regulation, and protect affordable housing.  Anyone who believes that the expiration of this legislation will not affect them is sorely mistaken. Without rent regulation our teachers, waiters, young entrepreneurs and blue collar workers will all be priced out of New York City, losses that would cripple our city.  Let us not forget that what makes New York the best city in the world are the diverse cultural fabrics that make-up our neighborhoods.  By not extending and enhancing our rent regulation laws we would lose so much more than affordable housing.  We would forever lose the New York City we know and love.”