Today, Senator Krueger received the following letter from Ed Koch for her continued commitment to nonpartisan, independent redistricting:

Dear Liz,

Thank you for following up on your campaign pledge and committing to support nonpartisan, independent redistricting for the 2012 elections, by signing on as a co-sponsor of S2543 (Gianaris) and/or S660 (Valesky).

On March 1, in Albany, I began announcing the names of those who had honored their redistricting pledge by doing so, and today I wrote to all those who still have not, informing them that I will begin announcing the names of those who have reneged, and declare them “Enemies of Reform”.

Please be assured that, since you are already a co-sponsor of S2543 and/or S660, you will not be among those included.

The budget has been passed, and we believe the priority at this time is redistricting reform. My hope is that with your continued help, we will successfully create a more functional government for you to work in and serve the communities you represent.

All the best.

Ed Koch