Topics & excerpts from the Interview

Indian Point:

“I have long argued that Indian Point should be closed.”


“Science has yet to prove you can do this safely without causing enormous damage to water.”

“I have yet to be convinced that there is science showing this can be done safely.It shouldn’t be allowed in NY State until such time.”

“Other parts of the country when they have allowed Hydro-Fracking there has been enormous environmental damage.”

Democratic State Senate:

“I believe we will take back the majority in 2012.”

“I knew Pedro Espada 20 years ago I knew he was bad news.”

“I think history will show that if Pedro Espada hadn’t been the Housing Chair hadn’t pulled off a coup hadn’t ended up with black mailing himself into the majority leader title we would have had a very different story. I started a PAC called NO BAD APPLES.”

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