For Immediate Release |  March 15, 2011

Katie Kincaid | | 646-784-0485

“My greatest concern is that this resolution will put us an additional billion dollars in debt. The numbers simply do not add up and we cannot rely on a wink and a prayer that this will all work out. Senate Republicans have added a billion dollars in additional expenditures to the Governor’s budget without bringing any significant additional revenue to the table nor including enough alternative cuts.

“My Senate Democratic colleagues and I received a summarized version of this bill a mere four hours before it was voted on, and I think most would agree that the distribution of $133 billion deserves more time and consideration than occurred today.  I’m afraid that this bill is filled with empty promises and, worse yet, broken promises.

“As is, this should not and cannot be the budget for the State of New York, and I hope we will all be able to reevaluate the proposals to improve the plan. We want, and New Yorkers need, a fair budget by which the pain is shared by all, with our vital programs protected and State dollars spent more responsibly. Anything short of that is simply unacceptable.”