By Nick Confessore

In a blunt acknowledgment that State Senate Democrats have been badly damaged by scandals within their own ranks in recent years, Liz Krueger, a Manhattan Democrat, will start a new political action committee to recruit Senate candidates dedicated to a broad good-government agenda.

The new group, called NBA PAC — for “No Bad Apples” — will aim to raise $300,000 in advance of the 2012 Democratic primary, organizers said, providing endorsed candidates with strategic advice and introducing them to Democratic donors.

The goal, Ms. Krueger said, was to ensure that as Democrats seek to win control of the Senate next year, the party’s next crop of challengers will align with her and other progressive Democrats, especially on ethics and government reform issues.

“I absolutely believe we need to take back the majority in the State Senate, but with the right kind of Democrats,” Ms. Krueger said. “And I trust myself to find and help and provide encouragement to some of the right kinds of people I would love to see as Democrats in the Senate.”

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