During the beginning of the new year, while New Yorkers vow to exercise and eat healthier, save more money and cut down on the amount of reality TV shows watched, I urge all New Yorkers to fill out a Health Care Proxy, a resolution that will bring comfort and clarity to end-of-life decisions.

A Health Care Proxy (or some other form of Advance Directive), enables you to make important decisions about your health care planning, particularly regarding end-of-life care.

If you follow through on just one resolution this year, have it be this one.  It will take less than ten minutes to complete and you can spare your loved ones from making painful decisions about your well being without knowing what you would have preferred.

Although it is a topic many find difficult to contemplate or discuss, planning for a time when you may be physically unable to voice your preferences for healthcare options is necessary.

Plus, the reality is that most people, young and old, do have strong opinions about what type of heathcare they want to receive if something serious and unexpected happens.  So deal with these questions now and voice your opinions, this way you won’t leave your loved ones with heavy burdens on your behalf.

For more information on filling out a Health Care Proxy, please contact my office at (212) 490-9535.

Click here for a Healthcare Proxy.