I am very proud of the steps the City Council has taken to protect women in the most vulnerable of situations. For too long crisis pregnancy centers have preyed on women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and uncertain as to where to turn for help. More often than not, these women are unaware of their options and are in desperate need of unbiased information, accurate information and professional medical advice, none of which are offered by the crisis pregnancy centers.  By enacting legislation that will force these centers to clarify the services they provide, New York City will put an end to the misleading advertising that lures women to these clinics under false pretenses.  Every woman deserves the opportunity to choose what’s best for her life and her body without pressure from outside sources with hidden agendas.  I applaud the tireless efforts of Speaker Quinn and Council Member Lappin, whose advocacy on this matter will help New York women when they need it the most.

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