Last week, Liz spoke with Next City’s Nancy Scola for an in-depth interview on Airbnb, New York’s short-term rental laws, and the fight to protect residential housing. Read the full interview at Next City.

In 2010, Krueger successfully championed the Illegal Hotel Law, state legislation that streamlined and strengthened enforcement against sub-30-day residential rentals in New York City. As the bill went into effect, Airbnb was completing its first big funding round, worth more than $100 million. In recent months Senator Krueger and Airbnb have been at odds. The state’s attorney general has been targeting “hosts” who illegally rent out whole apartments, but it is Krueger who has positioned herself as Airbnb’s leading skeptic in high-stakes New York. She has accused the company of inducing an unknowing public into breaking the law, last week slamming the company for blithely facilitating “floating brothels.”