Albany – Citing concerns about the potential community impact of uncapping floor area ratio (FAR) restrictions in New York City, Assembly Housing Chairman Keith L. T. Wright confirmed that Assembly Bill A7807 will not be considered this legislative session. Following conversations with State Senator Liz Krueger, community advocates, and urban and zoning experts, Wright moved to block the legislation and called for further examination of the nuanced issue. FAR, a zoning tool regulating the bulk and density of buildings, is currently capped at 12. The legislation needs further vetting and amending to remove the potential for unchecked growth in neighborhoods already strained by new luxury developments and towers.

“I thank Assemblymember Wright for listening to the concerns and expertise of the community, and ensuring that the FAR bill will not pass,” said Senator Krueger. “I believe this bill as currently written would have worsened the problems of out-of-control overdevelopment in my district and many other parts of the city, while not effectively addressing our desperate need for affordable housing. I look forward to continuing to work with Assemblymember Wright, my colleagues in the Legislature, and the Mayor’s office, on neighborhood-based planning that meets our need for affordable housing while maintaining the health and well-being of our vibrant communities.”

“With such an urgent need to preserve and create affordable housing in the City of New York, every idea must be thoroughly explored and considered. This legislation could reshape the city’s landscape and impact schools, transportation and air rights. Nothing will be acted on until there’s confidence and consensus among all relevant communities and partners, and that certainly won’t be achieved this session” said Assemblyman Wright.