Albany – The Senate Democratic Majority today passed legislation (S.4331) that will save lives by increasing protection of New York City school zones through expanded speed camera utilization. The school zone speed camera program was allowed to lapse under the former Senate Republican Majority. Additionally, the Senate Majority passed legislation (S.231) that will create a demonstration speed camera program for the City of Buffalo.

“Ensuring students and pedestrians are protected in school zones is common sense,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said. “Speed cameras have been proven to prevent tragedies and save lives. Together with our partners in the Assembly, we will help ensure students are better protected by expanding speed camera usage to more school zones and implementing a demonstration program in Buffalo. I applaud Senator Gounardes and Senator Kennedy for their leadership on this critical issue.”

The legislation passed by the Senate Majority for New York City speed cameras:

  • Expands the use of speed cameras to 750 schools zones within the City of New York weekdays between 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

o   The currently expired law authorized 140 speed cameras in school zones.

  • Mandates the City of New York to install signage notifying drivers that speed camera enforcement is used.
  • Defines a “school speed zone” as being a radial distance not to exceed one thousand three hundred twenty feet from a school building, entrance or exit.

Senator Liz Krueger said, “When parents send their kids off to school, they shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll get there safely. We know that speeding cars are a leading cause of death for kids in New York City. We also know that speed cameras significantly reduce speeding in the areas where they are deployed. This legislation will give New York City the tools it needs to save lives.”

The legislation passed by the Senate Majority for the City of Buffalo demonstration speed camera program:

  • Authorizes the City of Buffalo to establish a demonstration program imposing monetary liability on the owners of motor vehicles found to be exceeding the maximum school speed limit in Buffalo through the use of a speed limit photo device.
  • Authorizes the City of Buffalo to operate cameras in no more than 20 school zones at any one time during any year of the program.