If you-

  • Live in a rent stabilized, rent controlled, or Mitchell-Lama apartment?
  • Are at least 62 years of age?
  • Have an annual household income of $50,000 or less?
  • Pay at least one third of your income on rent?
  • Want to avoid paying future rent increases?

If you answered yes to all these questions, you are likely eligible for the SCRIE program, which helps older adults remain in their homes by freezing their share of the rent. If you do not receive SCRIE, you should attend this virtual town hall to learn whether you are eligible, how you can benefit, the application process, and where you can get help applying.

If you already participate in SCRIE and have any questions or concerns, this is an opportunity to get answers from the experts.

To view full video of the event, click here.


-Kim Lerner, Director, Benefits Outreach Program, LiveOn NY

-Inie Park, Ombudsperson, Office of the Tax Payer Advocate, NYC Department of Finance

Presenters Powerpoints: 

-OTA Presentatoin: http://www.lizkrueger.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/OTA-Rent-Freeze.pptx

-LiveOn Presentation: http://www.lizkrueger.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/LiveOn-NY-SCRIEDRIE-Presentation-1.pptx

LiveOn NY’s Benefits Outreach Program

-212-398-5045 or Email: benefits@liveon-ny.org


Kim Lerner, Director of LiveOn NY’s Benefit Outreach Program

-Phone: 212-398-6565 ext. 228

-Email: klerner@liveon-ny.org


-Phone: 212-863-8494

-Email: SCRIE@hpd.nyc.gov

-Website: https://www.nyc.gov/site/hpd/services-and-information/scrie-drie.page

Department of Finance

-Rent Freeze Website: https://www.nyc.gov/site/rentfreeze/index.page

-In-Person Services: https://www.nyc.gov/site/finance/about/contact-us-visit-manhattan.page or call 311 and ask to make an appointment with SCRIE/DRIE

-Contacting the SCRIE or DRIE units: https://nycdepartmentoffinance.powerappsportals.us/SignIn?ReturnUrl=%2Fcreate-case%2F%3Ftopic%3DSCRIE and https://nycdepartmentoffinance.powerappsportals.us/SignIn?ReturnUrl=%2Fcreate-case%2F%3Ftopic%3DDRIE or call 311 and ask for the SCRIE/DRIE unit

-Contacting the SCRIE or DRIE Ombudspersons: https://www.nyc.gov/site/finance/about/contact-by-email/contact-us-scrie-ombudsman.page