Do you see mold spreading in your kitchen? Pests in your bathroom? Want to know how to prevent these conditions from even happening or if they occur, to safely clean your home in a healthy way? Experts at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) spoke about the best way to keep your apartment safe, clean, and toxin-free. Additionally, a New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) attorney reviewed what conditions your landlord is legally responsible to address.

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– Denise Johnson, Public Health Educator NYC DOHMH

– Tonya Hollingsworth, Public Health Educator, NYC DOHMH

– Joseph Schofield, Senior Staff Attorney, Legal Health,(NYLAG)


Presenters Powerpoints:

– DOHMH Presentation:

– NYLAG Presentation:


NYC Department of Health

– Extreme Heat

– Climate and Health

– Heat Vulnerability Index

– Extreme Heat Quiz

– Weather

– NYC Department for the Aging -Aging in Place

– Power Outages

– Power Outage Handout

– Tenants’ Rights – Lead Poisoning

– Healthy Homes

– Inside Allergens

– Asthma Triggers

– Report a building maintenance problem to your property owner. If not fixed in a timely manner, call 311

– NYCHA Maintenance Issues: Customer Contact Center, 718-707-7771

– National Pesticide Information Center 800-858-7378

– Visit the EPA website

– Environmental Work Group:

– Housing Development Preservation (HPD), 212-863-6300

– MET Council On Housing (Tenant Advocacy), 212-979-0611

– NYC Department of Aging, 212-244-6469

– FDNY Safety Education:

– NYC Poison Center 212-POISONS (212-764-7667) or 800-222-1222



– HPD’s ABCs of Housing

– NYS Attorney General Tenants Rights Brochure

– Health and Hot Water Information

– Lead Paint Information

– Just Fix