Statement from Sen. Liz Krueger and Assm. Karines Reyes, Co-Chairs of the NYS Bipartisan Pro-Choice Legislative Caucus, In Response to the Initial Ruling on AHM v. FDA

“Over 20 years ago, Mifepristone underwent stringent testing requirements before the FDA approved the medication for distribution on the marketplace. Since then Mifepristone has been used safely and effectively, along with Misoprostol, for medication abortion. It is less invasive than procedural abortion, and studies conducted around the world have found Mifepristone to be safe – and it can be lifesaving for those whose health would be greatly compromised by undergoing pregnancy.

“On Friday, April 7, a U.S. District Judge in Texas issued a sweeping decision on Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA to suspend FDA approval of Mifepristone, which flies in the face of more than 20 years of robust testing and real-world data. This ruling is an unprecedented and egregious use of judicial activism that, if upheld, would put women in peril across the country. The FDA has been in charge of determining whether pharmaceuticals are safe since 1938, using evidence-based protocols. It is deeply concerning that one extreme right-wing activist judge seeks to challenge the FDA’s 85-year record of expertise and authority in this area.

“Medication abortion is a reproductive healthcare option that affords individuals the ability to have an abortion in the privacy of their own home and with the support of friends or loved ones if they choose. It increases accessibility of care for individuals who have lower incomes and who live in areas with fewer healthcare providers. Over 50% of abortions are done using medication. Women should not have their reproductive healthcare options restricted based on their zip code.

“The New York State Bipartisan Pro-Choice Legislative Caucus (BPCLC) works to protect reproductive rights and access to reproductive healthcare services across the state. During this unfounded onslaught of attacks on reproductive rights, we have fought to protect abortion providers, those who provide support, and those who seek abortion care, as well as strengthen resources and healthcare infrastructure across New York.”