New York – State Senator Liz Krueger released the following statement today regarding Airbnb’s upcoming lobby day and the introduction of A7520, a bill to overturn current protections against illegal short-term rentals:

“Once again Albany is about to be subjected to Airbnb’s corporate-funded astroturf lobbying, in another desperate attempt by the company to raise their valuation before going public. Fortunately for New York City residents, legislators are not buying it.

“In 2010 we updated the Multiple Dwelling Law to make it clear that if you live in New York City in a building with three or more residential units, you cannot rent out your whole unit for less than thirty days unless you remain in residence there. And last year we passed a law to improve enforcement and ensure that the people responsible for breaking the law are the ones paying the price.

“These laws were passed in response to a tremendous outcry from our constituents against the explosion of illegal short-term rentals in our city. We heard from seniors harassed by partying tourists; parents who could no longer let their children play in the halls; neighbors whose buildings were being overrun by strangers; and even landlords whose units were being used for illegal purposes without their knowledge.

“A7520 is the same red-herring legislation that we’ve seen from Airbnb before, and that has failed in cities like San Francisco. It would remove all the protections that residents and communities have against their buildings and neighborhoods being transformed by transient visitors. This is simply unacceptable to my constituents and to people across New York City, who have the right and expectation that the quiet enjoyment of their homes will be defended.”