New York – State Senator Liz Krueger, co-sponsor of the Reproductive Health Act (S2796), released the following statement today in response to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s proposed constitutional amendment to safeguard women’s reproductive rights as outlined in Roe v Wade:

“There’s no doubt that women’s reproductive rights are under attack all over this country. President Trump has promised that he will appoint a Supreme Court justice dedicated to overturning Roe v Wade; and as this week has demonstrated, the President intends to keep his promises no matter how much damage they do to the American people. So I applaud Governor Cuomo’s support for a constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights.

“But such a constitutional amendment wouldn’t take effect until 2019 at the very earliest – and likely much later. That’s simply too long for New Yorkers to wait to have their fundamental rights enshrined in our laws. Some women are already forced to travel outside of New York to receive care because of New York’s outdated abortion law.

“I thank my colleagues in the Assembly for passing the Reproductive Health Act. Now it is up to the Senate. I call on Majority Leader Flanagan to allow a vote on the RHA, and I urge my fellow New Yorkers to hold your Senators accountable. New York families have waited long enough – we can pass this bill, and the time to act is now.”