New York – State Senator Liz Krueger released the following statement today regarding President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court:

“In nominating Neil Gorsuch, President Trump continues his crusade against the rights, freedoms, and best interest of the American people. Judge Gorsuch has clearly established himself as an enemy of reproductive rights, as well as of the safety, labor, and environmental regulations that keep our water safe to drink, our air clean to breathe, and give our working families a shot at achieving the American Dream.

“But more fundamental than the inappropriate choice of Judge Gorsuch is the deep and ongoing constitutional crisis brought about by Senate Republicans’ failure to fulfill their responsibility to consider President Obama’s nominee, Judge Merrick Garland. By their unconstitutional actions, Republicans created a situation in which a president’s nominee can only be considered if his party also controls the Senate. We cannot allow this strategy to succeed. It is a radical departure from the Constitution and precedent that risks irreparably politicizing the Supreme Court and undermines the foundations of our republic. Only the Republicans can put this genie back in the bottle – by confirming Merrick Garland. I call on all Senators, Democrat and Republican, to take a stand for the Constitution and refuse to consider President Trump’s nominee until President Obama’s nominee is confirmed.

“Some might say it is hypocritical to denounce Senate Republicans while at the same time calling on Democrats to embrace a similar strategy. But in this case, as in most cases, history matters. For Democrats to back down now would simply guarantee that from now on, only Republicans can be confirmed to the Supreme Court, because only they are willing to push the system over the edge. A Democratic fillibuster at this point would not only be a protest against a single Republican nominee, but against a broken and undemocratic system created by and for Republicans. The ball is in the Republicans’ court – only they can confirm Merrick Garland and return the country to a secure constitutional footing.”