Senator Krueger released the following statement in response to a New York Post report this morning that Senate Republicans are planning to seize power by preventing duly-elected Democratic senators from being seated in January.

New York Post columnist Fredric Dicker this morning reported what many of us have suspected: State Senate Republicans are intentionally stalling vote-counting in two State Senate districts with bad-faith challenges to legitimate votes, to prevent two duly-elected Democratic senators from being seated in the State Senate. They believe this would allow them to seize power in January and use that power to make deals and buy the loyalty of additional senators.

“Even I did not think the Senate Republicans were capable of this level of contempt for democracy. But in addition to respect for the voters, every legislator, in both parties, should find this plot unacceptable for a far more practical reason: it virtually guarantees mayhem in the middle of the legislative session – probably during budget season.

“Senate Democrats, with over a dozen new members and a commitment to move the state forward, not backward, stand ready to work in partnership with Governor Cuomo, the Assembly, and the members of every legislative conference to maintain a stable government, pass a balanced budget, and do the people’s business. Senate Republicans, meanwhile, are signaling their willingness to bypass democracy, form a minority government that will be a ticking time bomb requiring a mid-year leadership challenge, and let the time bomb explode during budget season – all for the sake of maintaining their own power.

“There is one legislative conference that clearly doesn’t have a problem with going back to the days of 2009, when they created havoc through a secret coup. It’s the Senate Republicans.”