Sen. Krueger was quoted in this New York Times piece, explaining that short-term rentals in multi-family residential buildings remain illegal, despite a small legal victory for Airbnb in an isolated, cherry-picked case.

State Senator Liz Krueger, a Democrat representing Manhattan and sponsor of a 2010 law that established restrictions against short-term apartment rentals, issued a statement saying that Mr. Warren’s situation does not reflect the reality of most of Airbnb’s rentals in the city. “The vast majority of Airbnb’s business in New York City — short-term rentals of apartments in residential buildings without any permanent residents present — remains unambiguously illegal,” she said.

Ms. Krueger added, “Irrespective of state law or city codes, these short-term rentals are almost always illegal under the terms of residential leases and co-op or condo bylaws, and can result in eviction from one’s home.”